Like it or not, PC manufacturers LOVE to stuff your brand-new PC full of “free” applications (they get paid to do it, so you’ve got a slim chance of getting one without a side of spamware). But clutter is the enemy of a speedy PC, and if you’re not using a particular software on a regular basis, it’s best to REMOVE it completely. That way you don’t have it sucking up processing speed AND leaving the door open to hackers and malware.

I especially hate games! Since, most of the time, I deal with someone’s business computer, games get in the way. Also, they are a target for hackers. Many people will download free games not knowing who the publisher really is. Next thing you know, we have an infection. Dr. Bob, help!

Many of these “free” programs start when Windows starts using your valuable resources. A business class PC usually has less unwanted clutter as they know your purpose is to get your work done. Also, when you purchase a PC through an IT professional company, they usually remove unwanted programs as part of the onboarding process making sure you get the best performance out of your PC.

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