Not too long ago, the CryptoLocker ransomware virus was all over the news, infecting over 250,000 computers in its first 100 days of release (at least that’s the number reported – the real numbers are probably MUCH higher). The threat was fairly straightforward: Pay us or you’ll never get your data back.

Ransomware, like the CryptoLocker attack, works by encrypting your files to prevent you from using or accessing them. After your files are compromised, the hackers behind the attack then pop up a demand screen asking for payment ($400 to $2,000+) within a set time frame (e.g., 72 hours or three days) in order to get the key to decrypt your files. The last CryptoLocker virus forced many business owners to lose data or pay up since there was no other way to decrypt the files. What about WannaCry and so many more like it? And the list goes on.

Obviously the best way to foil a ransomware attack is to be incredibly diligent about IT security; but with hundreds of thousands of new attacks being created daily, there are no guarantees that you won’t get infected. Therefore, it’s critical to maintain a full, daily backup of your data OFF-SITE so that IF you do get whacked with ransomware, you can recover all your files without having to pay a thin dime; and don’t forget to back up off-site PCs, laptops, remote offices and third-party software data stored in cloud apps as well!

Are you interested in Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity? I thought so!

There are several things you need to do to protect yourself, your company and make sure business will continue!

The first is education. Train your people to recognize social engineering schemes and phishing scams. Second, you need Internet Security software that blocks suspicious activity. Third, you need a Firewall. There are hardware and software firewalls. We recommend a hardware appliance. Fourth, we recommend protection of your DNS adventures. DNS (Domain Name Services) is how your computer finds something on the internet. For instance, you type and DNS tells your computer to go to What if you filtered the DNS to make sure it doesn’t take you some strange place?

Fifth, make sure you have total Data protection that happens automatically in the background without relying on human input. The client is the weakest link in the backup chain! It is also important to have versioning on your Backup. Our vendor prevents any encryption of their stored files so ransomware cannot attack your data. What if you could just turn back the clock to an image taken before the attack and pick up from there? No hassle, No downtime, No problem!

You can create a safe environment for your business to continue. There is an investment to put all these things into place. However, sometimes (always), “it’s better to invest a little more than you planned rather than a little less than you should have.” Zig Ziglar

Nothing is foolproof! BusinessTechTeam can offer presentations on Cyber Security and training on what not to do. There are Best Practices you should institute in your company in our Security Report. Hackers are creative! We feature products which can help prevent attacks and help you continue if something new does get in to your network. And odds are it will!

BTT can set up a way for you to protect your network; call our office if you would like us to set that up: 888.477.9895.

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