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We Offer IT Wellness Care Where We Take care of it All.. With Our Computer Network And IT Support Services, We Employ Technology To Increase Efficiency, Effectiveness and Profitability for Our Clients. This Leads to Increased Productivity for Businesses in Basking Ridge, Bridgewater, Morristown and all of Central Jersey. Instead Of Being a Constant Problem That Costs You Time and Money, Your Network can be a Money Making Part of Your Business!

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Victoria “Vicki” Juntti
Event Manager,
Moore Data Management

Which would you prefer? A huge contribution or a huge drain?

There are two sides to technology: it can make a huge contribution to your organization’s success, efficiency and profitability or it can exhaust your resources and be a big hassle. With IT Wellness Care, we can make IT a contributing factor. Therefore, businesses in and around Central Jersey, have confidence in us to install and support their organization’s computers, networks and technology.

Expect BTT to:

  • Fully consider your business, budget and your expectations yield to your IT services expectations, not what we think you should have.
  • With our IT Wellness Care, prevent potential down time and data loss disasters from taking place instead of reactively stomping out flames.
  • Work with you to help you achieve your business goals
  • Stand firm on our every recommendation by promising 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

At BusinessTechTeam, we have developed our Discovery System that helps our clients discover for themselves where they are currently and what their vision of the ideal situation would look like. We go through the Discovery/Vision process in 30-60 minutes and it is well worth the time investment. It is very revealing. If we find out things are great as they are, we congratulate you on a job well done! If not, we work with you to build a Roadmap to take you where you want to go. I would like to visit with you and go through this process.
Let’s see where it leads!

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