BTT Referral Program

How would you like to Earn $525 in referral fees from BTT or One Month Free IT Wellness Care?



At BusinessTechTeam, we believe that the greatest compliment you could ever give us is a referral. We love Referrals and to show you how much, we are willing to pay you cash or make a donation to your favorite charity. Referrals are the lifeblood of our business, so if you know anyone who could benefit from the type of service we provide, please complete the form below and introduce us.

As one of our valued associates or clients, you already know the benefits people get from our services:

  • Peace of mind – we take care of your technology 24×7
  • Increased productivity – less downtime translates into more work time
  • No more worrying about security – we protect your data and your network
  • Enjoying more time for yourself – maximize your quality of life

By recommending partners, associates, or professional contacts, you can lower their stress and help them enjoy worry-free IT through IT Wellness Care. If you refer someone and they become our client, you can also reap a reward.

Here’s how:

  • Fill out the form below – Referral (listed below) must have between 5 – 100 computers*
  • BTT will call to schedule the appointment
  • We will send you a check for $25 for any qualified referral* that turns into an appointment
  • If your referral becomes a client, we will send you a check for another $100
  • We will also give your referral a $100 discount off our services
  • If your referral joins our IT Wellness Care program, we will send you an additional $400 check

A good referral for BusinessTechTeam is someone:

  • With 5 – 50 computers and one or more servers (Sometimes, we make exceptions)
  • Who just wants the darn {!@#$%^&} things to work!
  • Who wants to talk to someone who speaks English when they have an issue!
  • Who understands computers need maintenance and wants to take a proactive stance
  • Who has vision and wants to grow their business!
  • Who is interested in business continuity
  • Who wants to be more efficient, effective and profitable!
  • Who realizes maintenance requires budget

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